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Dreaming towards a plastic-free world, the corporate commitment of the Auravail Group towards nature's benefits is aimed at reducing the impact of greenhouse gases, minimizing dependence on conventional plastic packaging, promoting the use of renewable energy, and reducing plastic waste in the environment by providing environmental friendly biodegradable packaging product solutions.

We introduce a wide range of 100% biodegradable and compostable products. CLEAN GREEN® biodegradable products are made from renewable resources (PLA bio-based resin). This is only the first step of the ambitious project initiated by Auravail Biopolymers, intending to drive the flexible and rigid packaging industry towards more sustainable solutions and offer consumers the possibility to choose natural products, hence contributing to the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and post-consumer waste. CLEAN GREEN® products do not contain conventional petroleum-based plastics and avail our customers to take a step forward to a green and healthy environment.

Envisioning a new sustainable future
for mother earth

Our Values

We have an uncompromised dedication to integrity, moral principles, the intrinsic worth of individuals, and value for relationships. We will strive to treat our co-workers, customers, distributors, and vendors as we would want ourselves to be treated; that is, with the utmost honesty, fairness, and courtesy.

Technology and the Solutions

CLEAN GREEN® product is our answer to the demands of our customers' eco-friendlier packaging material. CLEAN GREEN® products can be used in every application as a replacement for conventional plastic material.

With optimal mechanical properties and similar processing parameters, CLEAN GREEN® products can be processed on the existing sealing machinery replacing the petroleum-based polymer product packaging.

From nature, back to nature

CLEAN GREEN® products produced of raw material obtained from renewable sources.

All CLEAN GREEN® products are designed to return to nature by biodegradation in different environments that may include soil, water, or anaerobic digestion.
During biodegradation, the action of the temperature and microorganisms transform the materials into CO2, H2O, and biomass, nourishing the soil and preparing it for the germination of seeds. New plants will grow, and the lifecycle will reinitiate.

Auravail Group proposes innovative eco-friendly solutions to fulfil the most demanding global markets by protecting our people and the environment

Clean Green Products Biodegrades Within 147 Days

Tests & Certifications

Under our commitment to sustainability, our products are tested and approved as per Indian norms on packaging compostability (IS/ISO 17088.)
IS/ISO 17088 requires four tests, besides a detailed description of the product:

Biodegradation test: Chemical breakdown of materials into CO2, water, and minerals. According to the standard, at least 90% of the material has to be broken down by biological action within six months. Biodegradation of material as described in ISO:14855-1 & ISO 14855-2.
Test on heavy metals content: Volatile matter >50%, heavy metals (Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Pb, Hg, Cr, Mo, Se, As), and fluorine below the limit.
Disintegration test: Physical falling apart of the product in small fragments.
Test on Seed Germination: Measures if the composted product does not exert any negative effect on plants. Determined following OECD Guidelines.

Food Contact

CLEAN GREEN® products are produced using raw materials with high renewable content and also have a range of products suitable for food contact.
CLEAN GREEN® product range is laboratory tested for the suitability for Food Contact. For further information and certificate copies please contact Auravail Technical Department.

Our customers should be confident that they are using the best truly compostable product with the highest integrity in the market. Please contact us if you would like to have detailed information on our certifications.